Gluten-Free Classic Coffee Cake

Ingredients Label

Rich, buttery, homey goodness…the only thing missing is the gluten!
When we first went to work on creating a gluten-free coffee cake, we were determined to produce one with the same delicious taste we were accustomed to, or not produce one at all!

Blended with all the classic coffee cake ingredients plus our unique flour blend we have accomplished this and more.  Many who have tasted our gluten-free coffee cake tell us it’s better than any coffee cake they’ve had before.

Bridge City Baking - Coffee Cake

In Two Convenient Sizes:

  • 14 oz, 6 servings
  •  4 oz single serving


Available varieties:

Shelf Life

  • Freezer: 6 months
  • Ambient: 5-7 days
Bridge city Baking Coffee Cake