Gluten-Free Cranberry-Orange-Almond Biscotti

Ingredients Label

biscotti ariel shotAhh, the beautiful Biscotti, pronounced bee-SCOAT-tee, dates back to ancient Roman times when traveling and sustenance went hand-in-hand. The “twice baked” cookies, a practical drying method, were created to be durable; a long lasting food for those arduous journeys of the Roman legions. During the Renaissance period the Biscotti re-emerged in Tuscany where almond groves were abundant and the almond was used as a primary ingredient. The Biscotti soon became a generic term in Italy meaning “crunchy cookie” and the Biscotti as we know it today was renamed the Cantucci. The combination of flavors and combinations for this Roman beauty are limitless!

At Bridge City Baking, we have created a traditional Biscotti made with Cranberry-Orange-Almond. It may be gluten-free but it certainly is not gourmet-free! The aroma of freshly squeezed orange juice combined with plump cranberries and sweet almonds make this hand-cut artisan

Biscotti intoxicating and irresistible. One thing you’ll notice is that unlike traditional methods, they’re baked just long enough to be crunchy without being hard.

Viva Italiano, gluten-free style!!

Packaged in a cellophane bag with a bow, a great host gift!

Available in decorative glass jar, 2 sizes  for foodservice

Serving Size: 8 oz gift bag/8 pieces each

Shelf Life:
Ambient: 3 weeks