Gluten-Free Pies

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The word pie brings to mind one common thought for all dessert lovers; comforting and delicious! That is why Bridge City Baking has created this heavenly, innovative line of pies. The best news of all is that the rich, flaky dough is free of gluten. We have accomplished this without ever compromising the full flavor of these mouth-watering pies. Each one is made from scratch using all natural, preservative free and local fruit whenever possible. The fruit fillings are gently simmered in order to maintain their fresh fruit texture and enhanced with natural fruit juices and flavors. We use only one ounce of sugar per pound leaving the sweetness up to the fruit.

Brige City Baking - Gluten Free Hand-PiesIn Two Convenient Sizes:

  • 4 oz Individual Pocket Pies
  • 8 Ready-to-Bake Crumble Pies
  • 9″ Ready-to-Bake & Ready-to-Serve Pies for Foodservice

Gluten-Free Pocket Pie Varieties:

Gluten-Free 8″, 24oz Pie Varieties:



Shelf Life:

  • Freezer: 6 months
  • Refrigerator: 5-7 days
  • Ambient: 3 days

Bridge City Baking Dessert Pocket Pie Varieties:

  •  Apple

    Some would say there’s nothing more comforting than a slice of apple pie. Our tender pie pockets are filled with fresh cut apples from our local growers and paired with sweet golden raisins, butter and pure vanilla extract for that unmatched familiar goodness.

  • Hood River Blueberry

    Have you ever tasted a blueberry right off the bush? Plump and juicy, these beauties of a fruit are grown in Hood River and make one exquisite pie filling. It starts with a reduction of blueberry juice, not water, and other choice ingredients resulting in just the right consistency to hold up in our tender pie pockets.

  • Cherry Almond Chocolate

    There’s something about the combination of cherries and chocolate that always works. The synergy of the two is the essence of gourmet; the cherries make the chocolate taste good and the chocolate makes the cherries taste good. The red tart cherries, are generously combined with dark chocolate ganache giving this pie its’ distinctive, dramatic taste.

  • Marionberry

    No wonder it’s known as the Cabernet of Blackberries. Native to Oregon, this perfectly complex deep purple berry is mildly tart with just the right amount of sweet, ideal for a Bridge City Pie

  • Classic Pumpkin

    Even if you’re not a pumpkin pie enthusiast, one bite of this delicious variety and you’re bound to start your own tradition. Imagine a tender flakey crust filled with sweet pumpkin pie mousse, lightly spiced with fresh nutmeg and cinnamon. When it comes to family and only the best will do, we won’t tell if you claim a new family recipe.


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